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Law and order is the bedrock of a civil society. As your congressman, I will defend the brave men and women in blue who put their lives on the line each day to keep our communities safe. The radical left’s antipathy towards law enforcement threatens the rule of law and emboldens criminals. I will fight to restore respect and trust in the police so they can perform their duties without interference.

In cities across America, activist DAs aligned with the defund the police movement have effectively decriminalized crime. They refuse to prosecute most non-violent offenses and are lenient even on violent criminals. 

Predictably, crime rates have skyrocketed. These social experiments have been disastrous and made communities demonstrably less safe. As your representative, I will hold rogue prosecutors accountable and demand they enforce the law. Keeping citizens secure is their most basic responsibility. Those who refuse should be removed from office. I fully support constitutionally-sound policing that builds community trust. But blanket vilification of the police and calls to “defund” them are beyond the pale. The left talks about “systemic racism” in law enforcement to undermine confidence in the police and stoke unrest. But while there are occasional bad actors, the vast majority of officers are good, honorable people motivated by duty and service. These smears against law enforcement are wrong and dangerous. As your congressman, I will defend the police and give them the resources they need to succeed in their mission. That includes funding for officer training, body cameras, community policing initiatives and new hires where necessary. I will also push to increase penalties on those who target law enforcement officers with violence. Attacks on the police threaten public safety and cannot be tolerated. Another priority will be establishing a national standard for use of force and police conduct. Officers nationwide should operate under uniform rules, instead of a confusing patchwork of standards that differ by department and jurisdiction. Consistent guidelines on permissible techniques, escalation protocols and reporting requirements will provide clarity for officers while ensuring responsible policing. I will also champion federal legislation for a Law Enforcement Officers’ Bill of Rights. This would guarantee officers due process rights in misconduct investigations and administrative hearings. They deserve fair treatment, not politically-driven witch hunts. As your congressman, I will have officers’ backs. Protecting students must be a top priority. I support placing police officers or trained security personnel in all schools to keep students safe. Their presence serves as a powerful deterrent and allows faster response to any emergencies. These resources officers also build valuable relationships with students. I will push for federal funding to put more guardians in schools. Law and order is a cornerstone of stable, free societies. Radical attacks on law enforcement, rising crime and unrest in our cities threaten America’s security and civil order. As your congressman, I will defend the police, enforce the law and ensure our citizens can live without fear. With moral clarity and courage, we can regain control of our streets and restore the rule of law. I will be proud to lead that critical fight for our communities.

The right to bear arms empowers individuals, bolsters their self-reliance, and ensures the preservation of personal safety and security. These freedoms are intrinsic to the American way of life. It is not about promoting a culture of violence but about recognizing the individual’s right to protect themselves and their loved ones. A well-armed citizenry serves as a critical deterrent against crime and potential infringements on personal liberty. Evidence shows that areas with higher gun ownership often see lower crime rates. When law-abiding citizens are allowed to arm themselves, they serve as a significant deterrent to potential criminals. Restrictive gun laws do not prevent crime; they merely disarm the innocent, leaving them vulnerable.

Conversely, the call for stricter gun laws frequently veils a misunderstanding of the realities on the ground. Many proposed restrictions target law-abiding gun owners rather than criminals who often procure firearms illegally. Instead of blanket bans and stringent controls that penalize the responsible majority, we need targeted, effective legislation that addresses the root causes of gun violence, like mental health and social inequality, without infringing on the rights of law-abiding citizens. Gun education and safety training are also paramount. Promoting responsible gun ownership is a more effective approach to reducing accidental firearm incidents than outright bans. We must continue to support and improve our current background check system, making it more efficient and accurate, to ensure guns stay out of the wrong hands. We must remember that the Second Amendment is not a historical relic but an enduring testament to our commitment to personal freedom and resistance against tyranny. We must oppose efforts to undermine this constitutional right, while still advocating for smart policies that promote safety and responsibility. As your representative, I promise to fiercely defend your

Every child has a right to quality education. It is the cornerstone of their future and a strong foundation for a prosperous nation. To achieve this, families should have the freedom to choose the educational environment that best serves their children’s unique needs and potential.

Such a choice should not be limited by financial constraints or residential zip codes. This means empowering parents and guardians to select from a range of quality educational options regardless of their income levels or geographical location.

Parents, as the primary caregivers and advocates for their children, must have a significant say in the content of their children’s education. They should be actively involved in determining what is being taught, ensuring it aligns with their values, and confirming it is appropriate for their children’s age and developmental stage. Our core educational focus should remain on enhancing essential skills such as reading, writing, and arithmetic. These skills are fundamental and provide a springboard for all other learning. Unfortunately, our country is falling behind other nations in these areas, and this needs to be addressed urgently. By empowering parents and focusing on core skills, we can drive educational improvement and ensure our children are competitive on the global stage.

In the current climate of economic uncertainty and turmoil, I unyieldingly uphold the foundational Republican belief against tax hikes. An unwavering adherence to this principle is not merely ideological but borne out of a deep understanding of the socio-economic issues plaguing our nation. Our economy, as it stands today, faces challenges on numerous fronts. In my term as Mayor of my town at no time did, I raise taxes and I will not vote to increase taxes in Washington either.

More Americans than ever find themselves in the unfortunate position of having to take on multiple jobs just to maintain their standard of living. This is not merely an economic issue, but one that permeates the fabric of our society. When individuals are compelled to toil endlessly, the ripple effect is felt far and wide, resulting in a deterioration of our societal structure. Parents, instead of being able to focus on raising their children and nurturing their futures, are preoccupied with the pursuit of financial stability. As a result, children are often left to navigate life’s challenges on their own, fostering a generation that lacks the familial support necessary for their development. This scenario is further compounded by the escalating inflation we are currently witnessing, a direct fallout of the policy decisions of this administration. The increasing cost of living has put a tremendous burden on the citizens, especially the middle class. These hardworking individuals, who form the backbone of our great nation, find themselves bearing the brunt of these misguided economic policies. It is an injustice that ought not to be ignored. My stance on taxes and tax reforms is rooted in the principle of fostering a financially sustainable and prosperous society. I stand for the reduction of unnecessary financial burdens on our citizens. A hike in taxes, under these circumstances, would only serve to exacerbate the existing economic stress. We believe it is critical to address the root cause of this distress, which in this case is rampant inflation. The focus should be on curbing inflation to alleviate the pressure on our middle class, rather than imposing further tax burdens. Such an approach not only ensures financial stability for individuals but also fosters economic growth and prosperity for our nation. Through tax reforms that prioritize the financial well-being of our citizens, we can create a robust, resilient economy. These reforms should aim to lessen the financial load on the middle class, encourage entrepreneurship, and stimulate economic growth. A vibrant economy would create more opportunities, reducing the need for multiple jobs and thereby allowing families to spend quality time together, enhancing the overall well-being of our society.

Our nation’s veterans and military families deserve our utmost respect, admiration and support. As a proud American, I believe it is our sacred duty to honor the immense sacrifices made by those who serve and defend this great country.

As your congressman, I will be a tireless advocate for our veterans and military families. I will fight to ensure they receive the benefits, healthcare and services they have rightfully earned through their selfless service. We can never fully repay them for all they have given, but we must try.

That starts with reforming the broken VA system. Our veterans should never be subjected to long wait times, substandard care or bureaucratic roadblocks when seeking treatment. I will work to expand healthcare options for veterans, so they have access to timely, quality care. Private healthcare choices, not government-run facilities, will better serve our heroes. We must also do more for the wellbeing of military spouses and children. Frequent moves and deployments put unique stresses on military families. I will support community programs, school assistance and mental health services tailored to their needs. And I will demand accountability at the Department of Defense, to ensure military families get the support they deserve. A primary responsibility of the federal government is providing for the national defense. I firmly believe in peace through strength. Deterrence comes from projecting military power, not empty rhetoric. As your representative, I will use my seat on the House Armed Services Committee to rebuild our military might. After years of budget cuts and deferred modernization under the previous administration, our armed forces urgently require recapitalization. New ships, planes, vehicles and equipment are essential, as are upgraded facilities. Our troops in the field deserve the very best tools and technology this nation can provide. I will also support better pay, healthcare and housing for military families, to boost recruitment and retention of our all-volunteer force. The threats facing America have never been greater. China threatens freedom in the Indo-Pacific. Russia remains aggressive in Europe. Iran seeks regional dominance. North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs continue advancing. Transnational terrorism plagues the Middle East and Africa. We live in an increasingly dangerous world. Maintaining military supremacy ensures our security, underwrites global stability and deters aggression. As Ronald Reagan boldly proclaimed, “peace through strength.” My priorities in Congress will be reconstituting our military’s strength, restoring its readiness and confirming its role as the mightiest fighting force on the planet. Our men and women in uniform put their lives on the line so we can live free. As a proud American, I believe it is our sacred duty to support our veterans and military families. In Congress, I will be their champion and make certain we honor the immense sacrifices they make to defend this exceptional nation. Just as generations of patriots answered the call to serve, I will answer the call in Washington to support them.

As someone whose family tree branches out to multiple immigrants, I strongly believe in the concept of immigration. Our nation, since its very inception, was built by the hands of immigrants who ventured here in search of a better life and the hope of the American dream. This cultural mosaic that was formed through centuries of immigration is an integral part of our national identity.

However, we need to acknowledge that our current immigration system has become dysfunctional, and it is causing significant issues, particularly at our southern border. The crisis that we’re currently witnessing is not just a humanitarian disaster, but also a glaring example of the shortcomings of our immigration policies.

It is important that we reinforce the security at our borders. This is not an argument against immigration, but rather an argument for regulated and lawful immigration. A more secure border will ensure that immigration is conducted in a safer and more systematic manner, preventing exploitation and human rights abuses. Additionally, it will serve to maintain national security and public safety. At the same time, we must work on comprehensive immigration reform that simplifies the process for immigrants to enter the country legally. The legal immigration path should be clear, accessible, and not subject to the whims of an unsecured border. Ensuring this will reaffirm our national values and continue the tradition of welcoming immigrants.

Coming from a family deeply rooted in the beef and dairy farming industry, I have had the privilege of witnessing firsthand the tremendous efforts exerted by hardworking men and women who dedicate their lives to feeding America. Yet, it is disheartening to acknowledge that their noble profession often fails to bring them the financial rewards they deserve. Unfortunately, excessive government regulations not only impede these farmers but also impact the public, resulting in higher prices for essential food items.

As former Senator Bob Dole once aptly stated, “The family farm is the backbone of America.” This sentiment resonates deeply with me, for I have seen the indomitable spirit and unwavering commitment exhibited by these farmers. However, this vital sector of our economy is burdened by a labyrinth of regulations that hinder its growth and success.

Excessive government oversight adds unnecessary bureaucratic hurdles, diverting precious time and resources away from the primary task of food production. The ramifications of overregulation extend far beyond the agricultural community, affecting every American’s daily life. When farmers are hampered by burdensome regulations, the cost of production escalates, and these additional expenses are eventually passed on to the consumers. Consequently, hardworking families, already grappling with their daily expenses, find themselves bearing the brunt of inflated food prices. I firmly believe in the principles of limited government intervention and regulation, advocating for a free market that allows our farmers to flourish. By alleviating the regulatory burden, we empower farmers to operate more efficiently, fostering economic growth within the agricultural sector. This approach not only benefits the farmers but also ensures that all Americans have access to affordable, high-quality food. Moreover, I recognize the need to encourage innovation within the farming industry. By promoting technological advancements and modern farming practices, we enable farmers to increase productivity while minimizing their environmental impact. This approach strikes a harmonious balance between economic growth and sustainability, ensuring a prosperous future for our farmers and a healthier planet for future generations. In conclusion, the words of Bob Dole remind us of the intrinsic value and significance of family farms. As someone who has personally witnessed the unwavering dedication and hard work of beef and dairy farmers, I understand the adverse effects of government overregulation on their livelihoods and the subsequent impact on the public. By reducing excessive regulations and fostering a free market, I aim to empower farmers, spur economic growth, and guarantee affordable food prices for all Americans. It is vital that we acknowledge and honor the invaluable contributions of our farmers and strive to create an environment that enables them to thrive.

I am a firm believer that small businesses are the backbone of our country. I will support small businesses from Government overreach. We all saw firsthand with the lockdowns of 2020 how many small businesses did not survive, yet large businesses made record profits. This is unacceptable and I will ensure that I am an advocate for small businesses in my district. As the mayor of my town, I fought back against the government overreach from the lockdowns of 2020 that saw many small businesses not survive, while many large businesses made record profits. Just as Mayor, I fought for the town of Woodsboro’s small businesses, I will do the same for all the districts small businesses as your next Congressman. 

Heath Barnes is for Good Governance

I strongly advocate for the principle of limited government and the Constitution. The unprecedented extension of power by state and local governments during the pandemic and its continuance in the current period is far from acceptable. The reach of the government should be confined strictly to the rights stipulated by the federal constitution.

Advocating for a limited government is a key pillar principle regarding effective governance. I understand that the government should have a limited role in citizens’ lives, upholding individual freedoms and private enterprise. Considering the recent pandemic, I believe that it is crucial to reassess the role of the government and reemphasize the importance of maintaining limits to its power.

The Republican perspective of good governance involves minimal interference from the government in economic matters and greater reliance on individual initiative, market forces, and private entities. These principles reflect my commitment to freedom, individual responsibility, and entrepreneurship, considering that less governmental interference translates into more freedom for individuals and businesses to thrive. In sum, the idea of limited government embodies the belief that the government’s role should be restricted to providing basic functions as defined by the Constitution and should not overstep its boundaries. This viewpoint is crucial in the approach to governance, reflecting a commitment to personal liberty, economic freedom, and the belief that government is best which governs least.

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